Dermot Gives Us a Shout Out!

9 11 2009

Good Morning Everyone! We hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Unless you’ve had both eyes and ears closed today, you are probably aware of what a roller-coaster ride last night’s X Factor results show was! When Lucie and John and Edward were announced as the “bottom two” contestants, we were all hanging on the edge of our sofa’s waiting to see what happened. In all honesty, we expected Simon to be sending the twins homes, after all of his feedback on the boys performances. Still though, it went down to the public vote and we were very sad to see Lucie go.

We were however delighted with Leona’s performance; it goes to show this show really can help find some amazing talent. Not only did she look absolutely stunning but her vocal performance totally blew us away. In 2006, The X Factor winner Leona Lewis visited the hospital days after her victory to share her success with the patients. In doing so, Leona began one of our favourite annual traditions – the visit of The X Factor winner to the hospital. We will always love Leona for this!

We were also very excited when Dermot O’Leary, the show’s presenter announced the news that all the final contestants are releasing a single soon, with the proceeds going to us here at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. We are really looking forward to the weeks ahead and following the single’s success. Hopefully the single will help raise lots of money, which will really help out this important cause.

This is a photo we have of the single being recorded:

X factor contestants in the studio recording GOSH charity single

How exciting to see them all in the studio together; that is a glimpse of some magic happening! By buying the single you can help keep the magic alive here at Great Ormond Street.




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